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How much does it cost?

The price is 50-80 baht/graft. It varies with graft count needed for patients’ procedures. The more grafts you need, the cheaper price per graft. Please, consult with our ABHRS-certified surgeon for more info.

Does it hurt?

Just a bit pain when you’re given a local anaesthetic. It’s less than what you expected for sure.

Use real hair or synthetic hair?

Hair transplantations require patients’ hair from the occipital area or above patients’ ear. Transplanted hair will grow naturally post-operation.

Do I need to shave?

 Only the donor area is required to be shaved. If hair above mentioned area is long enough, you can leave it fall to cover the shaved area after the operation.

Need long recovery?

The wounds from the FUE techniques are smaller than 1mm. Patients won’t get hurt, won’t have swelling and can work the next day.

When does transplanted hair grow?

In the 3rd month, hair will grow about 10-20%

In the 6th month, hair will grow about 50-60%

And in 12th month, hair will fully grow  about 90-100%.

Is there a chance of complications?

Hair transplantations are considered as small surgeries. A chance of complications is very small.

Is there a chance that the surgery isn't successful?

We expect your hair to grow 90-95%.


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